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Our company performs international full-service cargo transportation including such standard services as cargo shipment composed of LCL load and partial or full load of transport vehicle delivery as well as cargo transportation exceeding overall dimensions. We perform:
• Appropriate vehicle selection (dimensions, weight, loading/unloading dates, delivery period, price), optimal route determination;
• Approval and accompanying documentation preparation;
• Cargo insurance;
• Special permissions and project cargo preparation;
• Transportation control at all levels;
• Assistance in customs clearance;
• Advice in all matters.
The cost is individually determined and it consists of:
• Distance and route;
• Delivery period;
• Dimensions and cargo type;
• Services list.
The company is oriented towards:
• Qualitative services accomplishment;
• Efficient information support of the customer;
• Long-lasting relationships with the customer;
• Mutually beneficial cooperation;
• Maximally transparent work system;
• Sales volume promotion on the market of transport services

Why we are top choice

Favourable price
We constantly focus on cost, reduction in expenditure and supply chains optimization to offer competitive prices
Quick delivery period
The logisticians of our company work out the optimal route. They also work out the sustainable sequence of every loading/unloading point
Cargo safety
Cargo safety is a major priority for our company. We cooperate only with trusted carriers, drivers and brokers
Cargo insurance
All lorries performing the transportation lead by our company have certificates of insurance with coverage of several millions of hryvnas. It is also possible to effect an insurance additionally for every cargo delivery depending on your requirements
Accounting documents
The accountancy of our company provides a package of all necessary documents for reporting purposes. It is also possible to send you the original of agreement before the services accomplishments
Support service
The managers of our company are in touch day and night. You can get in contact with the manager who is supervising your delivery at any time of day or night and enquire the issues exercising you
Possibility of LCL cargoes
Rational use of cargo unit reduces the expenses while transporting. We create the route plan on the basis of cargo characteristics and required delivery periods
Cargoes of any complexity from 100 kg up to 100 tons
Our logisticians trash out every transportation request – either it is probationary shipment or it is an equipment reaching huge size
Opportunity to postpone payment
It’s available for regular customers as well as the companies having solid reputation and good credit record

About the company

The team “Sharkov Logistics” works out carefully each demand for transportation, considers all possible options to deliver the cargo and that allows us to get the optimum alternative of transportation based on the price to quality rate. But herewith, we certainly take account of all possible risks connected with transportation. In our company high safety standards of transportation have been worked out and now they are expanded.

Thanks to the approach based on scrupulous performance of duties, the quantity of demands for cargo transportation which are submitted to our company rises year after year.

Addressing to our company you can be sure of your cargo safety condition, compliance of delivery deadline and that you won’t pay extra money for services. We are scrupulous about requirements and expectations of our every customer. Every satisfied customer is indeed Victory for us! Every customer recommending us is Award! Every customer befriending us is Purpose!


TEK E.T.C., LLC Ukraine, Kyiv

We would like to express our gratitude for your work. The issues were effectively decided; it was pleasant to work with you. We hope for further cooperation.

Inter Line Service, LLC Ukraine, Dnipro

The work has been qualitatively performed! I recommend this company!

ACD-logistic, private company Ukraine Kyiv
FEA manager

It’s not the first time we co-work, everything is at top level, special thanks to Anastasia for professionalism, it’s always pleasant to interact. It is a reliable transportation carrier, recommended for cooperation.

SVS-TRANS, LLC, Ukraine, Rivne

Thanks for performed services. Everything has been done as arranged.

Kondratiev, R., sole proprietorship, Ukraine Kharkiv

It is a reliable transport carrier; the cargo has been quickly delivered, thanks Valentyn for cooperation.

Soroka Valentyn, sole proprietorship, Ukraine, Kyiv

Thanks for services; you got the things perfectly done. I recommend you to other expeditions/customers.

STZ, LLC Ukraine, Kharkiv
FEA manager

Thanks Valentyn for good work, quick and reliable delivery!

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