LTL delivery

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LTL delivery

LTL delivery is in high demand among the representatives of many branches and businesses of various sizes, from self-employed entrepreneurs to large corporations. Such type of transportation represents the transporting not large goods of different suppliers in the same direction in one vehicle. Rational use of cargo unit decreases delivery costs and guarantees goods safety. Our team studies carefully the cargo characteristics, kinds of packing and its quantity. We draw an appropriate scheme of the transportation on the basis of cargo characteristics and required delivery period. We count the best suitable cost.

In this direction our company can offer a package of services:
• Cargo reception and handling;
• Loading/unloading operations, LTL transshipment;
• Cargo warehousing and responsible storing in European stores;
• Traceability records on turkey basis;
• Certification;
• Documents preparation in accordance with customer’s requirements and all customs formalities action;
• Process documentation of CARNET TIRs and CMR consignments;
• Process documentation of transit declaration (T-1, T-2) and export declaration (EX1);
• Cargo insurance;
• Cargo location and condition monitoring.

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