Cargo within loading gauge

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Cargo within loading gauge

Cargoes within loading gauge are large consignments of goods, packed pallets, sacks, boxes, cases, big bags, bales and other containers. As a rule, their transportation requires using entire cargo transport unit – semi-trailer, container, truck train.

The dimensions of such cargoes mustn’t exceed the next amounts:

The length doesn’t exceed 13.6 m;

  • Width – not more than 2.45 m;
  • Height – within 3.1 m;
  • Weight – up to 22 tons.

Most commonly, the delivery of general cargo is required for:

  • Major and middle-size manufacturing companies whose activities are connected with big quantity of raw products and materials and their uninterrupted supply;
  • Major and middle-size trading companies for which delivery speed and competitive price are important;
  • Major and middle-size companies selling their goods abroad.

General (gauge) international transportations don’t require getting any special admissions and permissions as off-gauge transportations require it. That is why it is possible to order the given transportation and choose a set of cars as well as to prepare shipping documents within a very short time.

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